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Rojo Congo + Squat Egg Planter White XLarge

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Plant and Pot Combo

Rojo Congo (Philadendron) 300mm nursery pot

Approximate total height of plant and pot combo: 125cm


Squat Egg Planter

Made from Fiberclay lightweight material.

Dimensions: Width 48cm x Height 39cm


Plant Care:

The mixed Rojo Congo is an easy to grow plant that thrives in a warm, well lit position. Its a big leaf, fast growing  foliage plant.

LIGHT: Prefers moderate bright indirect sunlight. Can handle lower light spaces.

WATER: Water when the top layer of soil is dry. Soak soil all the way through when watering. Always allow water to drain out from pot drainage holes before returning to decorative pot, this is essential to avoid root rot. 

On average watering may be required once fortnightly in the warmer months, and once monthly during winter. 

Toxicity: Can be harmful to pets if ingested.


NOTE: Plant shown in picture is an indication only and may not be the ACTUAL plant you receive. All plants within the same size range will be as similar as possible to the picture advertised. Rest assured the plant you receive will be as beautiful as described.


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