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Snake Plant + Squat Congo Planter White Medium

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Plant and Pot combo 

Snake Plant (Variegated Sansevieria) 200mm nursery pot diameter

Approximate total height of plant and pot combo: 50cm


Squat Congo Planter

Made from the highest quality lightweight materials.

Dimensions: Width 26cm x Height 21cm


Plant Care:

Snake plants are resistant to insects, heat, and warm climates. Overwatering is the most common cause of root damage for this plant.

LIGHT: They thrive in very bright light or lower light areas of the house.  

WATER: Only water when soil is completely dry. Soak soil all the way through once every month for a pot of this size. Water once every 2-3 weeks for small sized snake plants. Always allow water to drain out from pot drainage holes before returning to decorative pot, this is essential to avoid root rot.  


Toxicity: Can be harmful to pets if ingested.


NOTE: Plant shown in picture is an indication only and may not be the ACTUAL plant you receive. All plants within the same size range will be as similar as possible to the picture advertised. Rest assured the plant you receive will be as beautiful as described.


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