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Zanzibar Gem + Dash Planter Concrete 17cm

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Zanzibar Zenzi (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia) 140mm nursery pot


Approximate total height of plant and pot combo: 55cm


Dash Planter

Material: Lightweight Concrete  

Dimensions: 17cm x 17cm 


Plant Care:

A low maintenance plant that requires minimal care and prefers dry conditions. Overwatering is the most common cause of root damage for this plant. Avoid frost.


LIGHT: Prefers medium to bright indirect light, but it is extremely adaptable. It will tolerate low light and fluorescent lighting in a windowless space. Avoid direct sun.


WATER: Drench pot all the way through approximately every 5 weeks for a large sized plant and every 2 weeks for small sized plant. Plant thrives on neglect.


Toxicity: Can be harmful to pets if ingested.


NOTE: Plant shown in picture is an indication only and may not be the ACTUAL plant you receive. All plants within the same size range will be as similar as possible to the picture advertised. Rest assured the plant you receive will be as beautiful as described


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