Spring Plant Care

Spring Plant Care

Get your plants ready for SPRING!


As we eagerly await the new season, you have probably already noticed some changes in your houseplants. After a long and wet winter, your plants have been dormant, most likely a little neglected and sad, so now its the time give them a boost! 

When your plants wake up from their winter hibernation, they are going to need a good clean, prune and feed.

This will be a perfect time to start getting them ready for the growing season.


Follow our tips to help your indoor plants get a new lease on life. 



The weather is warming up, so you may find that your indoor plants' soil is drying up quicker than it did during the winter season. Check your soil weekly, and water when it’s dry at least 5cm deep or the soil is starting to look loose and crumbly. 

A good rule of thumb is to pop your finger in the soil an inch and go from there.

We cannot stress this enough- DO NOT WATER A PLANT THAT HAS A MOIST TOPSOIL.



Generally, you should be wiping the leaves on your plant at least once a month, but we will always take the opportunity to remind you.

Using a leaf protect spray, or a damp cloth, wipe leaves top and bottom- keep a look out for any bugs (usually found on the underside of the leaf).

Wiping leaves is important as it helps the plant absorb energy from sunlight so it can better absorb nasty toxins from the air



Autumn and winter sun is much softer, so those plants that love bright indirect sunlight are usually right up close to a sunny window.

For most plants, medium bright light is preferred, so for these more delicate plants, keep an eye on how hot the spot they are in gets. You may just have to slightly adjust their position as the sun heats up around midday.

If you have sheer curtains, this is enough to filter perfect sunlight with the direct heat of the sun. Otherwise, just move the plant a little further away from big sunny windows.




If you have been itching to re-pot a particular plant, now is the time to take the opportunity.

Generally, plants need an upsize in their nursery pot every 12-18 months, each plant has it's own specific needs, but usually you will want the current pot to be tight, roots overcrowded and sticking out from top and bottom before you decide to give the plant more room.

-it is important to size up gradually, so don't jump from a small size pot straight into a large.

If your plant isn't ready for repotting this spring, you may want to top it up with some fresh soil and fertilizer for added nutrients and to support its growth

If your plants show signs of outgrowing their pot, it could be time to give them a new home.


Repotting will stimulate new growth and give them plenty of room to expand. It's vital to repot the plants only when they need it. Otherwise, they could go into shock.


What  to look out for:


- Roots coming out from the bottom of the pot

- Water runs right through the soil without soaking in

- The roots are growing in a circular pattern inside the pot and starting to show on the top rim of the plant 





Some natural based fertilizers are safe to use all year round, one being the 'we the wild' plant products which we proudly stock,

Regardless, springtime is when plants have the most growth, so if you don’t already, start introducing a fortnightly feeding schedule to promote healthy roots, boost the micro-organisms in the soil and stimulate flowering and growth.

Give your plant a fighting chance this spring.




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Oh thank god! this gave me all the motivation I needed to get my plants ready for their spring time growing.

Thanks for the awesome tips! Much needed ♥️


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