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Small Pot and Plant Combos

Small Pot and Plant Combos

Small size combos consist of: Decorative pots ranging from width and heights of... 

Medium Plant & Pot Combos

Medium Plant & Pot Combos

  Medium size combos consist of: Decorative pots ranging from width and... 

Large & X-Large Plant & Pot Combos

Large & X-Large Plant & Pot Combos

Large and X-Large sized combos consist of: Decorative pots ranging from width and... 

Important Stuff You need to know

Buying Plants Online

Ordering Plants- How it Works

Buying plants from us

We hand select each and every plant that comes through our doors to ensure best quality from our suppliers.

In saying this, please know that all photos featured on our Instagram and website are OURS and taken by us (unless stated otherwise). 

All our plants are sold in their plastic growers pot and are NOT potted directly into the decorative pots that are purchased with the plants.

We always recommend leaving plants in their plastic growers pot for ease of watering and to allow proper drainage.

As you may notice on our Instagram, our plants are paired with decorative pots, they are featured and priced up according to the most suited decorative pots.

However, our plants and pots can be purchased separately, together or feel free to mix and match with other styles and colours of decorative pots that we have available.

We understand that ordering REAL plants online can be nerve-wrecking. Our guarantee to you is that the plant pictured and the plant you are PURCHASING is as true to the picture as possible. All plants pictured will be very similar to what you receive. 

Each week we style and photograph new sourced plant and pot ‘combos’ to keep up with what is available and in season.

Plant Care Tips

 The key to healthy plants starts with watering them correctly.


At first you will be completely obsessing about the care of your plant, and for a while you will be sticking your finger in soil and looking out for signs that your plant is screaming out for water, or begging you to slow down. Even the good ol' moisture meter is always a great guide, but as time goes on, you will come to know how often you need to water each indoor plant and you won't need to feel the soil any more. We promise you, if your passionate about your plants, it'll become second nature.

Most plants will either prefer consistently moist soil, or for the soil to dry out completely before being watered again, here's what you need to know: 

  • Warmer in temperature, or your plant is in a warmer room in the house = soil drying out quicker.
  • This is why in winter you slow down on watering, and in spring/summer, it becomes more frequent.
  • Pot size
    • Plants in a smaller pots will dry out quicker than those in bigger pots - this is why we may advise you to water a smaller plant once a week, whereas a larger plant may last up to 2 weeks.
  • Plants will also often dry out quicker in bright light positions than low light positions which is why low light plants often go a little longer in-between watering.


Our favored method is to pour water all over the soil in your plant pot until the soil is completely saturated, ensuring that all the roots receive water and that the water runs out of the drainage holes at the bottom of the plastic nursery pot.

This is why we recommend you keep plants in their nursery pot.

  • Take them outside in a shady spot, over a bucket, in the bath or in the sink and water until the soil is soaked.

  • Then leave your plants until excess water has drained out, then place back in the decorative pot.

  • Big or small plants, the same method occurs, any plant you are watering, soak the soil completely and let the plant drain excess water.



Your indoor plant should always be kept in a plastic pot inside your decorative planter, basket or pot bag - never pot it up straight into its decorative container.


There are two reasons for this - firstly, it means you can easily change pots if you decide to change the decor / styling in your home.

Secondly and most importantly, It means you can take your plant outside (or to the bath) to water it, then allow it to drain before you return it to its decorative pot.

  • This will help protect your furniture and flooring from seeping water
  • Helps prevent root rot from over-watering.
  • The drainage holes also allow oxygen to circulate in around the soil
  • When in a nursery pot, it is much easier to carry your larger plants outside for a good, gentle hose down or into the shower every now and then. This will help wash away salt buildup on the top soil of your plants and help clean the foliage from dust build up and any pesky pests!


Common Plant Issues:

  • Leaves turning brown and crispy at the edges?

C a u s e: Your plant is either thirsty, underwatered or high salt build up on top soil


  • Wilting plant or dry potting mix soon after watering?

C a u s e: Underwatered or roots are pot-bound- it may be time to repot!


  • Yellowing or soggy leaves or black stems, wet potting mix?

C a u s e: Your plant is most likely overwatered. You may want to place it in a brighter position to help the soil dry out faster.


  • Wilting leaves, droopy or soft?

C a u s e: check for dry soil or soggy soil as this can be a sign of a thirsty plant or root rot.


  • Soil pulling away from the nursery pot?

C a u s e: your plant is underwatered.

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