Ordering Plants - How it works

Buying plants from us

We hand select each and every plant that comes through our doors to ensure best quality from our suppliers.

In saying this, please know that all photos featured on our Instagram and website are OURS and taken by us (unless stated otherwise). 

All our plants are sold in their plastic growers pot and are NOT potted directly into the decorative pots that are purchased with the plants.

We always recommend leaving plants in their plastic growers pot for ease of watering and to allow proper drainage.

As you may notice on our Instagram, our plants are paired with decorative pots, they are featured and priced up according to the most suited decorative pots.

However, our plants and pots can be purchased separately, together or feel free to mix and match with other styles and colours of decorative pots that we have available.

We understand that ordering REAL plants online can be nerve-wrecking. Our guarantee to you is that the plant pictured and the plant you are PURCHASING is as true to the picture as possible. All plants pictured will be very similar to what you receive. 

Each week we style and photograph new sourced plant and pot ‘combos’ to keep up with what is available and in season.